What’s up with the 90 day plan?

I have lost 20 pounds on my nutrition program.  I still have 30 pounds to go.   So today I have decided to make a goal and stay focused.  I will start a blog to chronicle the journey.  I will use a public forum to dig deep into my hidden struggles with food and stress and stop eating in the closet.  I will expose myself in such a way that I will be forced to change. 

Then I ate a piece of fried chicken… I really have a problem.

Staying overweight is easy.  Except…my back hurts.  My blood pressure is slowly going up.  My clothes are tight and I snore.  Change is hard.  I just want the weight to disappear quietly as I sleep.  But it isn’t that easy.

I need some public accountability.  Kind of like Valerie Bertinelli in the Jenny Craig commercials.  It is amazing that once you go on national television saying that you will wear a bikini in 90 days then you virtually have to get in shape.  Because no one wants to be embarrassed putting the same old sagging butt in a swim suit for the world to judge.  If you tell the world that you are going to lose weight then you have to. 


My Goal:

30 lbs lost in 90 days

write in this blog everyday

post before and after photos

Bye, bye golden brown fried chicken with sun kissed honey…bye, bye

That is all.  Talk to you tomorrow.

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