Day One – I couldn’t wake up for Boot Camp

So I snored right through the alarm.  I figure the momentum has to start soon because 30 pounds is a lot to lose.  I took a benedril and slept like a baby last night.  I didn’t even hear the alarm.  But all is not lost yet. 

I will work out today after work.  This, of course, is not ideal because way too much is going on.  After I get home, make dinner, spend time with my husband and child, and do work that was brought home, I am tired.  All will be lost after 9:00 pm. 


It is 9:08pm and I have put my food entry into, which rocks.  I am using it for calorie and exercise tracking.  I have not exercised yet….

additional goal – finish this blog in 15 minutes or less, then exercise.

So here is the program:

Breakfast – Herbalife Cafe Latte Shake with Chocolate Soy Milk (I can do this forever.  I never tire of the taste.  This is sooooo good)

Snack – Protein bar – This one is tricky because sometimes I forget

Lunch – salmon bowl with brown rice.  I go out to lunch a lot for my job.  I have to make smart choices at restaurants. If I forget to eat the morning snack…smart choices are but a distant memory. 

Snack – fruit parfait

Dinner – Herbalife Shake with Soy milk (if I don’t eat within 15 seconds of arriving at home, then I am done and fried chicken will be  in my future.)

Stop stalling and exercise…..

Good night till tomorrow.

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