Day 2 – Exercise and Froot loops

I did so well this morning.  I woke up early, exercised, and had a delicious healthy breakfast.  The morning was busy to say the least.  I have organized an office weight loss challenge where 75 people are competing for one of two grand prizes.  So I ran around pulling together those details.  It was sooo fun.  But in my fun, i failed to eat the morning snack.  By the time lunch rolled around at 1:30pm, I was out of control.  I had way too much to eat.  Teriyaki chicken and white rice from Rascals.  The rest of the day went ok, but then…

Froot Loops

What is it about exercise that drives you to the edge of food insanity.  The box of froot loops were just sitting there calling me…. Hello gorgeous!!

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