Day 4 – Look at Jennifer Hudson – She looks Fabulous

So I have not been the most diligent little soldier but that is all about to change. 

Have you seen Jennifer Hudson?

She aparently found her “why” and was inspired to lose weight for her son.  She has always been very heavy so to see her now is impressive.   She is a beautiful girl and I am happy that she made that decision for herself. 

Then there’s Kirtie Alley.  She’s gained her weight back.  Has she decided to lose the fat or live with it?  If anyone decides to watch her new show…”Big Life”, let me know.


The Weight Loss Challenge in my office is incredible.  So far the 75 challengers have lost a total of 450 lbs.  Can you believe it?  I am blown away!!!  I feel so good to be apart of helping to bring wellness into people’s lives. 

This has totally inspired me to find my “Why”.  (you know…”The thing” that will keep me from buying Alberson’s fried chicken) 

And when I do…I will definitely let you know.

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