2012 was a Tough one

When I started my journey I was stressed, depressed, tired, worried, and overwhelmed. My weight was the result of that pain. I blamed the job, boss, spouse, child, government, economy, gas prices and anything else I could think of. The only thing that I could handle at the time was my weight. So, with my coach, I lost 20 lbs in 2 months. Then I went on to lose 31lbs. I stopped there for 2 years gaining and losing the same 8lbs. What had me stuck? What was really going on? I realize now that I was not willing to let go of that pain, the blame, the hurt, the disappointments, and the shame of not meeting others expectations. In the past I hid behind the weight which really is the pain. But No more!!! I lost 6lbs in the last 5 weeks. I will be getting to my final goal and slipping into a bikini. Because I’m free to be what I want and I am limitless to create what I want in my life. And so are you! Do you believe it?

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