Plan your work and work the plan

Plan your work and work the plan.
2013 was the funnest year of my life. I laughed like a fool and enjoyed all the amazing people that enlightened, entertained and enriched my life this year. I declare 2013 a great turning turning point. I needed the release of endorphins and to relearn to lighten the heck up. I got that.

2014 will be the greatest, most productive year of my life. I feel GREAT! I feel HAPPY! I feel ENERGIZED!

Now… plan the work… Work the plan
I am no spring chicken so time is no longer taken for granted. My pace is official turned up to WARP SPEED!
Fun is essential. For me if it ain’t fun, I ain’t doing it. So if you are in the mood to enjoy your life, stick close to me cause there will not be a dull moment.
I have been extremely blessed in my life…. its time to share it!

Happy New Year to all my people! That is you!

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