Thank you Herbalife

Because of Herbalife…
1. I am not stressed – I know what I am doing with my life
2. I am blessed – I get to work on myself and become a better version
3. I am present – It is a beautiful day and the air is sweet, I am washing clothes in my pj’s. I get to do that.
4. I am on the move – as opposed to staying still.
5. I am moving forward – pressing toward my dreams and not giving up
6. I am love – I give and I receive freely. I know where love comes from and I am a vessel to share everything I can to make other lives better.

I am very aware that I would not be where I am today if I hadn’t had this opportunity and I am thankful for every step, every breath, and every lesson. I thank my creator above all else for keeping me everyday

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