My dad, my hero

My dad had surgery yesterday. It wasn’t a serious surgery but his health has not been the best for years.

After he got home, we had a very touching conversation….

My dad is an incredible man. I have looked up to him as long as I’ve known him. I wanted to be like him. He worked so hard and was sooooo successful and made it look easy. He overcame drugs, poverty, lack of role models and for the first part of his life was a product of his environment. Once he decided to make a change, he never looked back… pure drive and focus. But alas… I’m not my dad. I have my own journey.

He told me he was sorry that he couldn’t have made it easier for us (me and my siblings) so we didn’t have to work so hard. But during our conversation, he told me that he was very proud of me and no matter what… he was confident that I have been raised to accomplish whatever I want.

I feel so… I don’t have the words…

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