Asian men…. my kryptonite from the beginning

Oh my goodness, he was so cute. That is exactly what I remember… so I married him… well (pause)…I guess I should start from the very beginning.

I have dated many different nationalities. Asian men have proven to be my favorite. I am not sure why but there is obviously a strong attraction to them. My crushes, my first love, boyfriends and my ex-husband were all Asian. So if you like Asian men, I will attempt to give you some tips on how to get their attention. But first my story.

It started at age 15 or maybe younger. I remember this really cute bus boy at a Chinese restaurant in Cincinnati, we used to stop by every so often after Friday night bible class. He was tall and lean. I loved him…. (you know how teenagers are). Anyway, I would pray my parents would stop by that Chinese restaurant every week so I could just stare at my secret love. He didn’t know I existed. He was dutifully scurrying about his family’s restaurant clearing away dishes and refilling water glasses. I wished at that moment that Chinese guys liked black girls. I didn’t think they liked anything except math and their parents. So, that was it… my first heartbreak.

Many years later, I met what became my truest first love…. I was smitten by him and he proved to be the template for all men that would follow. He was half black and half Korean. He had this beautiful big, Tiger Woods smile, creamy skin and pretty feet. Yes, I said it…. pretty feet. He was, oh so, intoxicating. I remember when I started working at the Blind Lemon, he was working as the bartender. He was funny and incredibly popular. Kind of like a celebrity in the making. I noticed how many people gravitated toward him. I told him that one day. I don’t think he got it at the time, but I am sure he does now.

We dated for less than a year, then broke up. I was devastated for three years. I had made all these plans for our future and he just ruined it. So what I am about to admit is so embarrassing…. I was such a Psycho bitch.  I just kept showing up at his job… (I am embarrassed to admit that now, but that is what I did.) I even moved away from Cincinnati to get some space and closure…. but kept coming back… wow… but I was smitten. And yes, the sex was incredible. Don’t believe the hype. Asian men are the best lovers. Believe what you must. (Anyway, I digress)

It took me awhile to get over him but I did and on to the next many beautiful adventures. Once in Chicago, I continued to date and explore different cultures and nationalities but after awhile I just knew that it was something that kept drawing me back to my favorite yellow/brown men. Asia is a big place and America is something all together different.  When you put that together and mix it up, you get something newer and better. I like my Asian American men.

There is the secret to getting a real good one… Don’t get me wrong… the real bad ones can be good for awhile. But at the end of the day, you want one that you can count on. Keep tuning in and follow my journey and discover how I finally married the man I always wanted.  Also hear dating tips and funny stories along the way.

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