So what do health coaches do?

What do we actually do as health coaches?

In a nutshell… We get inspired to go after a goal (weight loss, gain, more fit, healthy, younger looking, better feeling, more fun, etc…. In some way, become the best version of ourselves. WE get inspired enough to get into action. Consistent action… while people watch… (to see if we are going to keep being inspired). We get better, stronger and closer to our goals. It’s inspiring to people… so they say, “Damn, if they can do that… then maybe I can do something that I’ve always wanted to do.” They get inspired…. Inspired enough to get into action. Consistent action…. and so on and so on.

Health coaching is the NUMBER ONE most fulfilling career in life! (in my opinion) Thank you Herbalife for the opportunity.

It just starts with one question… “Are you inspired to become the best version of yourself?” Yes? Hit me up… Not yet? Keep watching.

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