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Fill your cup

July 31, 2014 Tam Tam 0

Things I do to fill my cup… just some ideas. 1. hang with my Kai Kai 2. hanging with my homies 3. a mani/pedi 4. […]

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Believe in yourself

July 29, 2014 Tam Tam 0

Tuesday Morning Personal Development Believe in yourself………….Love yourself first I have been digging in to the essence of what this means to me. I’ve noticed […]

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July 28, 2014 Tam Tam 0

MONDAY MORNING Personal Development All this talk about relationships and the importance of relationships prompts me to understand what that looks like. Creating strong client/coach […]

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Gym to focus—or not

July 7, 2014 Tam Tam 0

I’ve noticed that going to the gym helps me focus. When there are too many distractions, I workout. Only thing is, the gym has plenty […]