Believe in yourself

Tuesday Morning Personal Development

Believe in yourself………….Love yourself first

I have been digging in to the essence of what this means to me. I’ve noticed patterns based on what, in the past, I have believed my role in life is and the battle between conventional gender roles and what I see for myself and my family. The struggle of the wife, mother, business woman, teacher, and inspiration. I recognize my great need for independence and the shackles that being all these things creates. Which leads to the question… How is love and belief realized when the very essence of who I am created to be is outwardly focused? As a woman, aren’t I created to love others first and neglect myself? How else am I to be a good mother, friend, wife, sister or inspiration?

Alas, this is why I started with Herbalife. It was the idea that I could be a mother and a business woman. I could be a wife and entrepreneur. I could have independence and be apart of a team and there is no “glass ceiling”. As life changes, I can change the intensity of my effort in my business. I have choices. And CHOICES is all I ever wanted… as a woman, wife, mother, business owner, teacher, inspiration, sister, and coach.

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