Inspired for Greatness

I am really really inspired for greatness.

Here I am. A forty plus, single mom with a slow thyroid and some medical limitations such as fibroids. (If you know what that is, then you understand)#noexcuses

Watch my dust. I’m feeling AWESOME!! I have 15 more pounds to go in order to reach my weight goal! #thefinal15

BACK TO COOL 30 DAY CHALLENGE. starts September 19th
No whiners invited. Like if you ain’t a whiner! #homies #letsgo

Three of my biggest inspirations– Rose Francis-Rubin is a beast. Girl, you are amazing. Love you. 60 pounds or 70 pounds down? You are my hero!!

Nicole Robottom this gem of cap girl is my heart! 20lbs down and not stopping for no one. #letsgo

Roberta M. Aragon this homie is such a cool, awesome loving soul. I love you. I love your being! Thank you for bringing it every day!

#biggirlpanties #modelstatus #herbalife #wcw

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