The Best of the BEST

Inspired to be…
Sometimes the appearance of confidence is just a smoke screen to cover up fears.
I have suffered from a fear of FAILURE. Mostly stemming from what others might think of me. I’ve stood tall, with a serious, ego-filled stance that many mistake as strength but I am usually scared shit-less to FAIL. I want to win but I have failed a lot in the past and tire of trying…. for fear that my heart can’t take the disappointment.

WRONG! WRONG! (I hear Charlie Murphy in my head when I say this… I digress)

To be completely honest with you…. I want to be the BEST at EVERYTHING! I want to be THE TOP OF THE CREME OF THE CROP AT EVERYTHING I LAY MY HANDS ON. #honest #realtalk #ego #whynot

Then the little voice says “you are stupid”… some other stuff too. #ego

But why not strive to be the Best of the Best? What else is there?

Not for ego sake (which is easier said than done) but why not strive for the top?

…..and a word on EGO. Ego is a b&*ch! No good comes from that little voice. Don’t believe a word it says. Even if it tells you that you are doing amazing and everyone loves you. Cause that same little voice will turn on you if you fall down.

The opportunity we all have is to show our gratitude to the Creator by using the gifts and talents we are given. We give back because we are given so much. By giving my all, I can inspire others to believe in their talents.

WE all have gifts. Why hold them back? What good is that?

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