Day 3 of 5 Gratitude Challenge

Day 3 Gratitude Challenge

(But first a station break)
…. Julie Tran is my heart. (that’s not all) The best decision I made last year was to become roommates. Here is why:

Our little family (me, Julie and Robin) spend time doing personal development and sharing “ah hah” moments with each other. WE share and do. We get deeply emotional and support each other. WOMEN! Three grown ass women supporting each other. BEAUTIFUL! These sessions produce action. WE share then do and report back. The moral of this story… get some homies.

Anyway, at their recommendation, I re-started the MORNING mind dump for 90 days. This morning, three pages of creative dumping onto a page felt like mediation. This was even more cathartic than my morning Facebook shares, which I love to do. I can already see the benefit as I am committing to consistent action and ignoring that EGO thing. #noego #legotheego

Some of you realize that my last name is Shimoda…. yep Its Japanese. I’m black. That qualifies me to enjoy this little community called BWAM (Black women, Asian man) or sometimes called AMBW. Anyway, the comedy that comes out of this community is so ridiculous. It’s my guilty pleasure. #BWAM

1. I am grateful for my awesome roomates
2. I am grateful for mind dumping
3. I am grateful to BWAM community. You guys keep me laughing. #funny

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