Asian men… it started young (BWAM)

I have dated many different nationalities. Asian men have proven to be my favorite. I am not sure why but there is obviously a strong attraction to them. My crushes, my first love, boyfriends and my ex-husband were all Asian. So if you like Asian men, I will attempt to give you some tips on how to get their attention. But first my story.

It started at age 15 or maybe younger. I remember this really cute bus boy at a Chinese restaurant in Cincinnati, we used to stop by every so often after Friday night bible class. The “bus boy” was tall and lean. I loved him…. (you know how teenage girls are). Anyway, I would pray my parents would stop by that Chinese restaurant every week so I could just stare at my secret love. He didn’t know I existed. He was dutifully scurrying about his family’s restaurant clearing away dishes and refilling water glasses. I wished at that moment that Chinese guys liked black girls. I didn’t think they liked anything except math and their parents. So, that was it… my first heartbreak.

Many years later, I met what became my truest first love…. I was smitten by him and he proved to be the template for all men that would follow. He was half black and half Korean. We will call him “Tiger”. He had this beautiful big, smile, creamy skin and pretty feet. Yes, I said it…. pretty feet. He was, oh so, intoxicating. I remember when I started working at the Blind Lemon, he was working as the bartender. He was funny and incredibly popular. Kind of like a celebrity in the making. I noticed how many people gravitated toward him. I told him that one day. I don’t think he got it at the time, but I am sure he does now.

We dated for less than a year, then broke up. I was devastated for three years. I had made all these plans for our future and he just ruined my fantasy. So what I am admitting is not intended for you to repeat…. in other words, Psycho bitch should not ever be on the menu.

I just kept showing up at his job… (I am embarrassed to admit that now, but that is what I did.) I even moved away from my home town to get some space and closure…. but kept coming back… wow. Coo coo… but I was smitten. And yes, the sex was incredible. Don’t believe the hype. Asian men are some of the best lovers. Believe what you must. (Anyway, I digress)

For many years , I showed up, and enjoyed an empty, heart-breaking fuck that still ranks in the top three. I still remember the sex…. I do say Asian men are freaks or maybe I bring out that freak energy.

I just got word that “Tiger” is getting married. I really shouldn’t care but she is an Elin Nordegren looking white girl… (blank face)… that is all.

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