Golden Peen taste the same as Chocolate

“So you only like Asian men?” “That’s kinda racist!” Uhh, not really.

I have dated my fair share… believe me. My dating choices in the past have never been based on race. It’s been based on convenience, compatibility and fun. I’ve dated white, black, Asian, Latin, Indian, Pacific Island, and multiracial.  Guess what…all men are the same. There are little differences in their attitude based on cultural influences and family but men are basically the same in my opinion.

Basically the same.  Then why only choose to date Asian. Well, it is not that complicated. Most of the Asian men that I have dated are kind, gentle, family-oriented, traditional, hard-working and good-looking.  I am attracted to those qualities and I keep finding the same within the Asian male dating pool.  Plus, there are more of them.

Ah-hah… now listen up.  Here it is.

It’s about abundance. One billion Chinese men alone on the face of the earth present great odds that I will find a suitable mate to spend my time with.  And there are many reasons why the likelihood of all of them finding an Asian women to spend their lifetime with is unlikely.  Based on that, I think black women should say in unison… “Is that right?”

In the African American community, the odds are not in a woman’s favor that she will find a black man to be her one and only. I’m saying, If we take all the free black men and line them up, there are not enough to go around. Now, lets subtract all the ones that are gay, too young, no job, not in jail, unavailable, don’t date black women, etc. and you are left with much less. It’s a matter of odds and since men are all the same, and Asian men have attractive qualities, I started concentrating on that pool.

Oh my goodness.  I can hear it now.  “You prejudice black biyah!”  “Why are you talking negative about our black men.  You don’t like your father, brother, cousin, child?”  “I can not believe you are saying all black men are blah, blah, blah.”  And I say to that… You just missed the point.  I love people. I love black people. I love black men.  I am simply opening up my mind and giving others permission to do the same.  I can multi-task.  Love everyone including myself as well as date who I want… Okay, back to the point….

Another fact, in the Asian American community, the odds are not in a man’s favor that he will find an Asian woman to be his one and only.  I am saying, If we take all the free Asian women and line them up, there are not enough to go around.  Why is this… they are choosing men of other ethnicities at an increasing rate.  They simply want white or black men more often.  Why?  Because, although Asian mama tells her son to marry Asian, she tells her daughter to marry up… meaning White.  That is crazy huh?… but true.

In China, there has been a lot of genocide  or selling off of girl babies to willing American families. Since it has been the practice to have only one child in order to control the Chinese population, families have preferred to keep the male child in order to pass on the family name.  This has left an over abundance of males without women.

The continent of Asia hosts many languages and cultures. We lump them all together in America but there are differences. This one topic alone will get me side-tracked so I will just leave it at that.

Also, a lot of the stereotypes we believe about Asian men are bogus, including but not limited to intelligence, finances, penis size, shyness, masculinity, and femininity.  Speaking of femininity, in my experience,  Asian men seem to pull off the 50/50 “sweet/sour”, “hard/soft”, feminine/masculine” nature more naturally than other men.  He can show his soft or feminine side without sacrificing his manhood.  It is somehow without negative stigma.  I like that they can be themselves and not have to prove how “hard” they are.  An example is found with male K-pop artists that wear make-up and otherwise feminine styles, yet somehow still seem masculine. If a black man, for instance, tried to pull off showing his sensitive side, he would immediately be labeled as gay.

So ladies, it is okay to have preferences.  Get out and experience.  Figure out what you like and do it again until you find Mister Right… even if his name is Wong.

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