BWAM is Sexually Charged… or is it just me?

What happens when you put sexually-charged black women and horny Asian men in a room?  BWAM… Yup, just like that.

It is amazing how much sexual energy this group has.  It’s like they’ve been thinking about doing the dirty deed with each other every second of their life.  Black women moan and groan about six-pack abs and lean, long yellow-hued muscles and Asian men gyrate about her glorious budonkadonk and big round breasts.  Maybe the extremes of each other attracts them.  The loud mouth opinionated black woman gets him excited.  She turns it on or off at will.  He eats it up. The “Oppa” stereotype draws her in.  Aww, he’s so kawaii and shy or is he an assassin?… Oooooohhh, I like it.

I don’t know what it is but I get it.  I get way more sexual satisfaction from discovering the likeness and dissimilarities that we display.  My boyfriend is like me and not like me.  His traditional upbringing turns me on.  Its like I want to corrupt him.  Is that bad?  I think, what would “your people” say if they saw you now?  You are with the temptress that pulled you away from your tribe.  I am Eve… and this apple is the juiciest you’ve ever tasted…. Isn’t it?

All the negative stereotypes are flipped and used at will.  “You like this fat ass don’t you?”  Yes.  That statement is a turn on.  Especially out of the mouth of an otherwise conservative, educated woman.  Are you confused or are you learning something?  “Maybe what your mama told you wasn’t bad.”  “You like it don’t you? ” “It gets better… and you know it.”  The taunting and teasing.  The taboo, stereotypes, reversals, mystery, and beauty…. BWAM is a drug.

An aphrodisiac that is spreading.  Are Asian men discovering that black women are giving them love?   Are they accepting this love or are they just sampling some forbidden fruit? Are black women ready to accept and smash cultures in order to make it work?  Is this just a temporary curiosity to find out once and for all what the Golden peen (asian penis) is all about.  Which leads me to another topic.

Much ado about the Golden peen.  Have you ever liked something and it got better?  The number one most asked question is, “Is it true?” Are all Asian penis’ small?  My answer always starts with a sly smirk.  I know how good I have it. I almost don’t want to tell women that they are a casualty of ethnic propaganda and stereotypes.  I think, “Too bad they believe what they have been told.” But then I realize that if Harriet Tubman never came back to get the slaves and lead them to the promise land, maybe it wouldn’t have happened.  (yes, I am Harriet Tubman and I am here to save you bitches– jk) Oh, by the way, Asian men are NOT the promise land.  They are cute yellow-hued dudes that roam the earth like the rest of us.  Get it straight….. I am just joking or am I?

Oh, yes… penis.  I obviously haven’t been with all men or all Asian men but in my research, most of them have been growers.  In other words,  sex starts out good then when you least expect it, Surprise, Surprise.  Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better…. “Hello and Hallelujah!” it grows to what seems like another inch and a half.  I like that.  I never know when it’s gonna happen.  But when it does…. “WHOOOHOOOH!”

BWAM feels like it is exploding but possibly that is just my world.  I am more aware of the many outlets that are displaying AMBW and BWAM groups around the US.  Groups such as and it’s associated Facebook group; Socal BWAM, Southern California’s biggest Meetup group, and countless other meetups, facebook pages and social media outlets.  If you type AMBW or BWAM in Youtube, you will get videos displaying couples and singles dispelling stereotypes and answering questions.  BWAM doesn’t seem to be another fad.  The revolution may have just begun.

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