The Right End of the Chase

My philosophy about men is not a new way of thinking.  It is based on my upbringing, personal experiments and the experiences of my sister girlfriends.   One thing for sure is women have evolved in positive ways leading to more opportunities and less need to be “taken care of” by a husband.  No more barefoot and pregnant, woman are starting businesses and running for President.  The feminist movement has given them choices, voting rights and a voice.  They are waiting to get married in favor of education.  They are living single and exploring the world.  This is especially clear in bigger cities like Los Angeles, New York and Chicago, where woman might wait till they are nearing 40 to settle down to think about a family.  Men haven’t had that kind of evolution.  For the most part, men are the same as they have been for centuries.

However, with the sexual revolution and the freedoms that women enjoy, comes more opportunities for men to delay commitment in favor of enjoying the fruits of the land.  In other words, “If he can get it for free, no need to buy it and listen to it nag.”  This is not to say, that so called “commitment delaying” men are women’s fault.  Not at all.  However, we are surely the only solution.  Let me say that again… “WOMEN MAKE THE RULES”. 

There is only one rule when it comes to dating… not 50.  It’s as simple as this one statement. If you commit this to memory and live by it, you will get who and what you want.  Here it is:

You have to be on the right end of the chase.

That’s it.  

What do you mean the right end of the chase.  What chase?  Who is chasing what?  

Here is what it isn’t.  It’s not a game.  It’s a philosophy.  

From the beginning, there were millions of sperm released with only one goal in mind. Chase the egg. The egg is beautiful and mysterious that only shows up for 24-48 hours per month. She’s elusive and of course highly sought after. Every part of the reproductive system goes into making that one egg ready to be pursued or whooed by that one special perfect sperm out of millions of suitors. We never mourn the unlucky ones. But when the right one shows up, it’s apparent. Both the sperm and the egg have the same, one desire which is to create life and they approach it differently. One thing is definitely for sure.

Never, ever, ever, does the egg chase the sperm.

Another example. This one might require more time to understand.  A plug to a lamp and an electrical socket have one job and that is to create light through the mechanism of the lamp.  Their goal is the same but the way they approach it is different.  The plug seeks out the socket, never the other way around. Don’t over think this example.  Its simple. Men and women are similar.  They want basically the same things in life but the approach should be different.  In my opinion, women have the easier job.  But we will get into that later.

I honestly want to help women and men make a connection.  I think there is a breakdown of the most simple communication. Mating is as old as it comes and its basically the same as it’s always been.

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