Sometimes Its Necessary To Date 10 Guys At A Time

I will never forget a story my mom told me.  She was a young woman trying to find Mr. Right in the late sixties. Things were much different than today.  She was a country girl raised in a small town in Ohio.  Her dad was a steelworker and her mom was a homemaker from Alabama.  My mom had gone on a date with a guy she knew from school and was planning to go on a date with someone else.  Her dad said she needed to stop dating around and find a suitable man at the steel mill where he worked. She said, she wasn’t interested in settling down with some guy.  Plus these days, it takes more than one guy to be suitable. Hahaha.  I am sure he wasn’t happy with that type of sass.

Before we go any further, lets clarify the word “date”. Its such a lose term with a subjective definition. So for clarity, I will use the phrase, “talk to” instead of “date”.  To be clear,  there are times when you must “talk to” more than one guy at a time. Especially in this century.  I think ten guys at a time should be sufficient. 

Many years ago, I had finished a very long relationship and was feeling like I needed a break to find myself. That’s a whole other topic of self-care and self love but we’ll chat about that another time. When I was finally ready to start dating again, I knew I needed to get my mojo back. The dictionary defines mojo as “magic power, or magic charm.”  That seems sufficient enough.  I needed to get my head back in the game and to feel sexy. I didn’t understand the Law of Attraction at the time, but indeed that is part of it. So I tried a tactic that I had discovered many years prior. That was “talking to” multiple guys at one time.

Never one to walk away from a challenge, I decided ten needed to be number. Why not. I set out to meet them in all the usual ways you might expect in person or online.  Mostly online because I could manage that better. I would start out with entertaining conversation with the guys that reached out to me. I limited the conversation to guys in the realm of possibility so I wasn’t wasting my time with senior citizens or complete undesirables. I genuinely had at least a 1% interest in all the guys I entertained. If I found them enjoyable to talk to on some level, I would continue the dialogue.

My goal was to get up to ten guys at one time. I must say that I’m a bit ADD so having this much going on made it fun for me. A lot of women have expressed that this is not feasible for them to manage but that worked for me. If two or five is better for you, then great. The point is you have a lot of attention coming your way. What usually happens is they eliminate themselves. Many guys (and women for that matter) on these dating sites are serial daters. Some are looking for a quick booty call or something to do for the moment. There are however, very good men. I have proof of that but others are not in it for a lasting relationship.  When they see that you are not moving fast enough toward their goal, they abruptly stop contacting you. They’re just seeing if you’re going to fulfill what they want. You will easily get through seven of them within the first two weeks and you probably won’t even notice. The main thing is you take all the positive attention and feel more desirable. It’s also fun. It’s all about your mojo.  Believe me, I did not invent this. You’re basically taking the philosophy of a guy and flipping it back on them. You are not using anyone physically just getting your sexy juices flowing. I have used variations of this tactic throughout my dating life and and it works very well. It’s one of the best ways to get back in the game. Just another way to harness the Law of Attraction.

As I said many of the guys will eliminate themselves within the first few weeks. If this yields one good one, you’re lucky. Most often it’ll ignite an energy that will cause other positive energy to come your way. It makes you seem mysterious, elusive and unattainable because you have so much going on that you have no time to dwell on one guy. This is also very useful when you actually find the one guy that you are interested in.

I will stop to point out that this does not mean that you’re having sex with these guys. As a matter fact you’re probably not having sex with any of them. Which brings me to my next point.  Buy a dildo. For woman with an uncontrollable sexual urge to jump on anything attractive, giving away your power and consistently not getting anything in return, getting a sex toy may help you stay focused. It’s all about remaining in control. You make the rules if you stay focused harnessing the power of the pussy.


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