I love gangsters….dangerous gangsters. The ones that give you the feeling that your life is only safe because you are on their side. But if that ever changed, tomorrow isn’t promised. It really makes no sense except if you ever met my husband, you might think he was a Triad Boss.  My father actually told me that my husband looks like he’s in the Chinese mafia.  lol He kinda gives you the vibe that he could kick your ass but he is the kindest man I have ever met.  He, however, does have a streak of ghetto in him, which I think was the attraction. What my husband would not approve is my BIG SECRET.  I also like makeup clad pretty boys that sing hip hop… otherwise known as K-pop. Those are pretty, androgynous pieces of heavens candy. Don’t try to understand it.

Apparently, a lot of black women are into it! Black women are ALL OVER K-POP!

Here are some of my personal favorites… G Dragon from BIGBANG


or this one… T.O.P.

or this one… Jay Park

Did I say Jay Park… goodness!

What are your favorites?

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