Sexy Young Thang

I’ve always had an affinity for younger men. Even when I was 26, I would date a 23 year old. That continued until the day I married my love with very few exceptions. When I was young, I would get caught up in the magic of their carefree attitudes and bold energetic youth. I am not sure it was intentional but certainly duly noted. After a bad 6 year relationship, followed by a three-year break, I was ready to mix and mingle. It came as no surprised that I found myself in a 2 year fling with a young cutie, 15 years my junior. I just wanted to play and get back out there. So of course I attracted him.

As I said, he was 15 years my junior and a big flirt. For a woman seemingly past her prime it was a compliment but I soon found a great advantage. From my perspective, I was in control. Not to be rude, at first, he was a life size play thing that made me giggle like a school girl. But over time, he actually became way more than that. At first that was all I wanted. It became deeper than that for him too. It was really a perfect situation because a woman who’s that much older than a man is usually not looking for him to take care of her financially. She’s looking for the same thing that he is looking for.

I must get off topic at this point to say this reminds me of one thing I love about young men. They are bouncy. If you’ve never payed attention to men in their 20’s, next time notice the little bounce they have when they walk. I think that’s extra energy, enthusiastic sperm and fresh testosterone. They kind of lose that when they get older and more tired but anyway, I digress.

Youth is intoxicating. When you’re an older woman you can teach a young man everything about how to treat a woman without all the confusing feels. Younger men like older women because they don’t play all the games. Whether its true or not, in their opinion, young women play too many games. Older women don’t give a damn. But really it’s more about where they are in life. Older women, want what young men are giving at the time…

Anyway, this young cute thing made me feel like a young cute thing. He also had a sexual imagination that matched mine which gave me the sexual freedom I wouldn’t have experienced with anyone else. I was 20 all over again and I loved it… And I knew he wasn’t the one. He was the cute, young one. I must say at this point that had I actually been in my 20’s, I would have fallen for him. I would still be recovering because I wouldn’t have known myself well enough to handle that. But he helped me get ready to meet the one.

Don’t get me wrong, I did develop a love and truly deep attraction for the young one and at one point I got a little sidetracked thinking he could make a good partner but I soon snapped back to reality. Demi Moore should have left Ashton’s ass where he was… as a side kick. Believe me, I understand the confusion. But I knew from experience how to differentiate from something real and a distraction. That distraction gave me my mojo back. I was sexually satisfied and that is what I used to attract the one.

Now as explained before, I have this philosophy of dating more than one guy at a time. That is my  personal preference but I never have a sexual relationship with more than one guy at a time. During this same time, I met a guy who had potential. Because I saw that I liked him I was able to stay chill, fun and sexy without any pressure.

I know this sounds terrible of me but when I was ready to concentrate on the real relationship, I let the young one go quite abruptly. What’s interesting is I noticed how attached he was to me. I knew from the start who he was, what he served and when it was time to move on, I knew to let go. He kept pursuing me. I’m not sure if he was pursuing me or if he was pursuing the loss of me but I never looked back.

There are so many more elements to this story but I still think of him sometimes. He brought out the best and the worst in me. He opened up my mind to new experiences and new ways of expressing myself. He taught me a lot about people, love and lust. I still miss him but ultimately I knew it was not going to last. I needed him at the time and then on to the next experience.

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