Women…. You Make The Rules

There is really only one rule. Be on the right end of the chase. It’s very simple. You have to make sure that they are always chasing you. I took that literally when I was dating my husband. To the extent that I didn’t even allow myself to text him more than he texted me. I would not allow myself to call him more. I would not initiate anything until we were well into the relationship. I allowed him to be the man. He once said to me, “You know, you can call me sometimes.” I knew in my heart, it was working. He just acknowledged it. 

A man in pursuit of a woman wants to be the man in that situation. If not, then you don’t have a man on your hands. You have a boy. Men like to be the one that pursues women. They enjoy the work that comes with the pursuit of an hard fought battle. A beautiful woman that they have to work for is a treasure. If a woman is too easy then she probably is not worth much. The old saying goes; nothing worth having comes easy. And that goes for a woman. This is something that’s considered old-school thinking. But is really “all time” thinking. We are the trophy, the prize, the mysterious beautiful stranger.

All of the next things I’m going to talk about will sound like games. To some, they won’t sound like I am being very authentic. It will sound like you’re trying to pull a fast one over on someone. Nothing could be further from the truth. What I am saying is you have to set yourself apart from other women. Some women do the same thing over and over only to wind up with the same old jerk who treats them like crap.  Or they get a man baby that needs a woman to take care of them.  I’m saying be a beautiful woman. Be your beautiful self and attract what you want in your life. This is not about attracting a sugar daddy. Its about attracting one of the many “good men” out there. Believe me, there are plenty!

Its perfect to initiate interest such as flirt and whatever to get a man’s attention.  These things are great. But in order to set yourself apart from all the other women that are out there in the dating scene you have to do “something” different. What is it? It really isn’t as hard as you think.  You will never believe how many men tell me that it is really hard to find a “good woman”.  And I know there are plenty of good women out there. What is happening that no one can find each other?

Men actually want to use all those old-school manners. But most women don’t allow them to do that anymore. Because of, you know, the times. But when a man actually does it’s so refreshing and very attractive.

So what now, what do you do?  I will go into more detail later but first acknowledge that what you are doing is not working. If it is, then stop reading this right now. I can not help you. But if you want to try something different then stay with me. It will become more clear as we go along.

We will start with the most important part… Find your FUN!

Number one is always be happy. You always want to be enjoying your life and having fun. Find something that shows you in the most attractive light. If you don’t know what that is, follow your heart. No matter what it’s telling you, follow that. If I am lying, I am flying… This is exactly how I found the love of my life. I was enjoying myself. I was following my heart. I was glowing and that’s when I met him.

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