Come on Mr. Harvey… we ain’t got time for that

I tried my very best not to address this topic. But the more I thought about it the more I am so disheartened by the words that Steve Harvey used last week during his show. If you missed it, maybe that’s good but here is a recap:


It was sooo irresponsible of him to joke in that manner. I know some groups are easier targets but it doesn’t make it right. Asian men are not the butt of jokes. No man is. But it has become a part of the culture to make fun of certain groups because it is what has always been done.  By the way, that’s called bullying.  Don’t get me started (TRUMP).  Mickey Rooney as Mr. Yunioshi in “Breakfast with Tiffany” no more represents Asian men than “The Amos n’ Andy show” represents black men. Those images were used to undermine people at a certain time. To make them seem weak and not an option for white women. There is absolutely no validity to the statement today or ever that women are not attracted to Asian men. Just because Hollywood chooses not to show them in the leading, sexy, guy roles has absolutely no bearing on what the truth is.

If he knew anything about history, he would know that there has always been a war against the image of men of color because white men want to keep them away from their white women. In Hollywood, this goes back to the early 1900s when Sessue Hayakawa became one of the first sex symbols in this country. Because white women found him so incredibly sexy, it became a mission to create false stereotypes about Asian men. When in fact Asian men are just as sexy as any other man. There are white women, black women and Asian women that find Asian men sexy. So for him to indicate that that is not the truth is irresponsible and adding once again to the false media narrative. Although some effort has been recently given to show more Asian men in sexy roles, it is far from where it should be.

As a woman it is not my job to defend a man. But as an African-American woman married to an Asian man his words are incredibly offensive to me and so stupid that I can no longer sit back and act like it’s all good. These old, lame stereotypes are not true. I know that for sure. Asian men are good partners, excellent lovers and amazing parents. Mr. Harvey needs to get it together when he decides to use some old mean spirited rhetoric that makes no sense. As an African-American man he should know that stereotypes have been falsely created and placed on us. Please don’t act brand new and don’t forget where you came from.

Sir, as an African-American man who came from Ohio (my home state) and pulled himself out of homelessness and created a privileged life from ignoring stupid stereotypes, please be more responsible with your words. You’ve been given a big platform… Don’t F it up!


  1. I’m not a big fan of Steve Harvey. He does have good intentions, but he shows his ignorance, which makes him hard to take. I stopped listening to his radio show many years ago because of that.

    I didn’t know about this and still don’t know what he said, (does not need to be repeated), but I’m glad that you brought this up and it may be a good idea to let him know as well.

  2. I regret, that Steve Harvey would make a statement like this. It is not comical or entertaining to denigrate a different race of men other than himself. True friendship and love is colorblind.

  3. I didn’t take it as far as a lot of people took it. I don’t think he necessarily intended to denigrate Asian men as a whole. I felt like he was more criticizing the need for such a book about how to get a white woman as an Asian male. Like he’s saying, it’s simple, just ask the woman (of whatever race) if she’s interested. Granted, the answer didn’t have to be no both times. Additionally, what ignorant black women does he know that don’t eat Chinese food because they can’t pronounce the dishes? Is dim sum that challenging? I’m probably more offended by that part alone ijs But really I’m not offended at all because why should I care, he’s Steve Harvey not Jesus Christ. Just move on to the next.

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