I Still Got It

So I was minding my own business on the bus this morning and this older gentleman sits down and starts chatting. Usually I am pretty reserved in these situations and prefer to ride to work without consequence but I guess he was feeling lucky. I didn’t know he was asking me out until well into the conversation. I was mildly flattered and utterly amused. Don’t get me wrong, he was probably a nice looking man in his day, but don’t you see this rock on my finger, sir?

He had VA benefits and seemed like he was collecting a check. That’s nice. He definitely wanted me to know that he didn’t usually take public transportation, I guess to reassure me that he had a car in case I needed a ride to CVS or something. He was also struggling to quit smoking which probably won’t happen since he’s got a pretty hairy cough signifying a long lasting affair with nicotine. He was married twice and that second one took him to the cleaners apparently. Finally, I wished him a nice day. But before we departed, He told me to tell my husband that he was one lucky man… and I certainly passed on the message.

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