How Men Fuck up… by a woman

There was this guy who desperately desired to meet a black woman. I’m still not exactly sure what the motivation was but he seemed desperate to make it happen in his near future. He hadn’t figured it out up till then but he did know that he was attracted to the ones with straight hair. Obviously with so much to learn.

He kinda liked my look noting that I was exactly what he wanted although I was happily married and not thinking about him. Anyway over time he kept asking me to fix him up with one of my single friends. I have lots of girlfriends and know plenty of females in general but it’s not my practice to dole them out.  I especially don’t introduce them unless I think that person is worthy. There is a reason for this. One, I don’t want to create drama for them and two, I don’t want to have to fix a fuck up.

I did oblige after awhile and try to introduce him to a few girlfriends who wanted the same. He sees their photo and says, “Nah. Can you find someone else.” Now, I am not a paid service nor a pimp so why are you bothering me? So I left it alone.  Good luck to you.

Much later, I’d arranged some of my most beautiful, single, eligible female friends to come to an event I’d arranged.  Out of the kindness of my heart, I invited him.  He asked to see photos so he could decide if he would join us or not. What? You ain’t all that mf. You ain’t shit. You aren’t going to act like you are on some royal shit and decide which concubine you’ll choose. Fuck you.

This is where men fuck up. I told him he was no longer invited. I have access to exactly what he wants but because he’s stupid now he’s back a square one.

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